Welcome at Veco Invest


Veco Invest SA is an independent, privately owned Swiss company founded in 1988 and a member of the Verga Group. We provide asset management, financial consulting and investment services, operating under mandates.

As a family-run concern, we are in a position to offer stability, dedication to our clientele and business sustainability. The Group is without doubt one of the most important, well-known and long-established in the canton of Ticino.

Our team of professionals have many years´ experience in investment portfolio management and pursue a philosophy of independence and discretion. The fact that we do not belong to a banking group enables us to guarantee impartiality and extremely flexible investment policies.

We pay particular attention to tax-related aspects, constantly drawing on the expertise of highly-qualified professionals within the Verga Group in order to offer tax efficient solutions.

We are able to meet all of our clients´ needs in terms of capital and risk management, asset protection, tax optimisation and more besides, adopting a personalised approach to offer bespoke solutions.